Cat Litter Furniture: Concealing a Litter Box

Posted by Brian on 03:45 PM, 29-May-12

People that own cats understand how important it is to have a reliable litter box in their home. Just the same, the appearance of a litter box in any room can too easily lower the appeal of a room, as they can be very unsightly and the smell that comes from them is simply disgusting.<br /><br />This is why a lot of pet owners have demanded a solution for both smell and the lack of aesthetic appeal of litter boxes. The result is cat litter furniture.<br /><br /><br />
Just the same, it can be very difficult to create litter boxes that look like other pieces of furniture and at the same time, your pet cat can effortlessly get into.<br />In the event that you are among the many individuals that are looking for an answer to this problem, consider putting away your <a href="">cat furniture</a> litter box in an area that is not readily viewable. Some ideas are hiding your cat's litter box in the basement, the garage. Hiding it in the laundry room can also work.<br /><br /><br />
Next, use some materials to cover the litter box's three sides. You can use pieces of cardboard that are equal in dimensions, and you can also make use of plywood.<br />Finally, use a blanket to further cover the box. This way, your cat will be able to easily access the litter box while all the additional covers should be able to conceal the appearance of the litter box and to some extent, these should also be able to minimize the smell.<br /><br /><br />
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Cat Furniture: Privateness For Your Kitty

Posted by Brian on 03:40 PM, 08-Mar-12

Any person who has at any time taken within the responsibility of a pet feline is conscious of the animal’s want for privacy. The cat will use all the furnishings inside the residence or apartment exactly where it resides and will create favored perches for naps and cleaning periods. Should you detest sharing your sofa along with your cat and... [Read More]